Tuesday, July 22

Project Life and Weekend Links: Preggo Themed / 03.

It has been quite a few months since I've posted on this here blog. I've stayed productive, though, working on some other projects on the side and keeping things held together around the house (and I mean that in, I have stuff held together around the house with duct tape and zip ties).

I also try to do my part in keeping the world populated. So this year we'll be adding another human being into this world...a female human being to be exact. I was thinking to myself, "What does this world need?" and I answered myself, "A little version of me." You're welcome world, you're welcome.

I'm officially in the third trimester and the due date is October 21st. However, if Little Miss is anything like her big brother, we'll probably have to give her an eviction notice and MAKE her enter this world sometime in November. I can't get frustrated, though. Our family isn't exactly known for being punctual.

Little Man loves family photos.
(in his defense, we were having to stare into the sun...not so pleasant)

We haven't made a firm decision on a name yet but we've tossed around the combo "Davida LeJean". The first name is the Mr.'s name with an "a" added for a feminine touch. The middle name comes from the infomercial about legging jeans I was watching in the waiting room right before finding out the baby was a girl. It really rolls off the tongue, no?

(cue the whispers: "Is she being serious??")

I don't foresee myself posting a lot of updates with answers to a bunch of questions on how my pregnancy is going (i.e. weight gain, number of kicks, belly button in or out, etc.) because I'd rather write something that I would actually say to you in person if you asked me how things were going. So here are a few things I might say:

I get out of breath walking on completely flat ground. Good thing we don't have stairs in the house.

Yes, I'm drinking a caffeinated beverage because I do what I wanna. You don't know me! You don't know my life! (sorry, hormones...).

I could go for some Cheez-its right about now. What? No, those are not 3 empty boxes sitting next to the trash can.

Maybe it's my increased sense of smell or maybe this qualifies as an incredibly strange pregnancy "craving", but I really love the smell that comes from our ACs right when I turn them on...and that includes the AC in the car as well. I'm not sure what that's all about. This happened when I was pregnant with Little Man too. I feel slightly less weird about this because I know there's at least one more girl out there in the world somewhere who experienced this same thing. I know because I googled this (I wish I could remember exactly what I typed in the search box) and this girl had posted something several years back. That being said, I know it's very strange and there's nothing I can do to make it appear more normal. I will say that other women out there crave the smell of gasoline and Pine-Sol. I'm not looking so weird now, am I? Don't answer that.

I might or might not be using a rubber band to keep my regular, non-maternity pants fastened.
I might be.
I am.

If you don't even post an annual "Happy Birthday" on my Facebook wall, you most certainly may not touch my belly. Yes, she moves a lot but just take my word for it so we don't have a long, awkward moment of you with your hand on my belly.

My nesting mode is in full-swing so I've been doing an A+ job at organizing things and decluttering. I've gotta make room for all that baby clutter!

And that's about all the interesting things I have to say about my second pregnancy for now...

In closing, here are a few links to things I thought were worth sharing. In keeping with my preggo-themed post, they all have something to do with motherhood, children, and my pregnancy. Enjoy!

  • I'm not a big breakfast eater but I've been trying to do better while preggo. That's why I'm glad I found this {3 ingredient!} healthy vanilla banana milkshake. So easy to make and so delicious.
  • I'm really looking forward to making some cute, little headbands like this one! And these!
  • I love using this eBook for doing preschool at home with your little one. Lots of great resources all in one spot (and it keeps me from wasting time on Pinterest). Use the discount code SUMMER14 and get 50% off until August 11th!
  • Check out these photos from 50 years ago of moms all around the world doing what they do best...taking care of the chil'ren.
  • I've started trying out some yoga to help find some relief from both preggo-pains and stress and I've been really happy with the YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene. Highly recommended, by me, the newbie yoga-er. 

Monday, April 7

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My hope is that once we return from these upcoming travels, life will return to a regular schedule and I can start writing new posts again. Fingers crossed!

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